Jack Fairweather

Senior Pastor

Jack served in the Marines for ten years, including a tour in Iraq, before going into the ministry. After completing his MDiv at Denver Seminary Jack and his wife Tammy moved to the Philippines where they founded Arise Children’s Home. With his heart for the suffering and forgotten, Jack walked the slums and rescued destitute children. In 2019 Jack became very ill and could hardly function. Though he sought prayer and medical help Jack did not improve, so finally, after ten years in the Philippines, Jack and Tammy and their children returned to the states. When the American doctors could not help Jack and the situation seemed hopeless, Jack decided to worship God anyway. It was during one of these personal worship times in April 2021 that God touched Jack and restored his health. A month later Jack was called to lead LifeChange.

Sarah O'Connor

Executive Pastor

Sarah has always felt called to invest in the local church, serving in various capacities over the years including nursery director, youth worker, women’s ministry speaker, and finance board member. Sarah grew up in a multicultural family where different languages were spoken at family gatherings, sparking an interest in languages and cultures. When she graduated from college,Sarah and her husband Jim trekked to Europe where they lived for two years. Sarah also spent many years homeschooling her four children before eventually earning an MA in Biblical Studies-New Testament from Denver Seminary. At LifeChange, Sarah uses her gifts and experience to support the staff and bring cohesion to our various ministries. She also does a little writing and speaking on the side, at least when she is not busy entertaining her eight grandchildren.

Tammy Fairweather

Associate Pastor

Tammy was a student at Columbine High School the day several of her classmates were lost in a senseless shooting. Yet God prompted Tammy to leave campus for lunch that day. Tammy listened and obeyed, which saved her life. After Tammy married Jack they served as missionaries in the Philippines for ten years where they established Arise Children’s Home. Although Tammy and Jack had to return to the states due to Jack’s health struggles, the work at Arise rescuing, caring for, and educating former street children continues. Besides being a busy mother of five children, Tammy works closely with Jack to accomplish the mission of LifeChange, keeping our operations running smoothly. Tammy holds an MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University.

Jim Reindel

Discipleship Pastor

Jim became a Christian while in college and from that moment on has run hard after God. At CU Boulder, in addition to attending to his engineering studies, Jim was highly involved with the Navigators where he learned the importance of Bible study, scripture memorization and discipleship. During those years Jim also was active in a local church where he learned how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Jim’s work at LifeChange centers around discipleship and promoting the deep study of God’s word which grows out of his conviction that these practices have the power to transform lives. Jim and his wife Lorie also served as cross-cultural missionaries in Kenya for three years in the 1990’s. They have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Rachel Krohn

Prayer Pastor

Rachel was born on the mission field in Colombia, living there with her family until the age of eight. After growing up in Kansas Rachel pursued studies in engineering, but her life took a turn when she met and married Rick. Rachel developed a lifestyle of prayer during her years raising and homeschooling her four children, becoming convinced of the importance of praying scripture. Rachel loves to seek God and longs to see him move powerfully in our hearts, homes, churches and communities. Rachel’s work at LifeChange involves keeping prayer central to our church life by helping us learn to pray more effectively. Rachel and Rick are enjoying this season of life, especially their role as grandparents.